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Every Business depends on Sales, so why not get your MBA in Sales from a leading Institute of Delhi/NCR and get your dream job.

All the business models depend on the product they are manufacturing & how much they are selling it. Be it services or tangible products, sales is the most crucial part. Without selling the product successfully, businesses go bankrupt or layoff remains the only other option.

Because of this, in this cutting throats business era, sales employees are the star employees of any business. To grow business need sales & they value & pay highly to management students who are adept at sales.

With the degree in MBA in Sales, you get to learn not only Marketing, Communications but also very detailed and in-depth study of sales. Professionals from different fields pay huge amounts for gaining certifications in Sales module to advance their career, because if you are good at Sales no career level is enough for you.

IIEM is one of the leading institute of Delhi/NCR, which provides MBA in Sales, not only as specialization but as a separate degree. With the guidance of IIEM, students learn International Sales, Strategic Decision Making, Research Methodology, Branding, Customer Relationship, Communication, Sales Management, Sales Strategy & Forecast, Leadership, Public Speaking etc.

After the successful completion of this course, you would get placement as a Sales Executive in a number of companies. IIEM is the only institute in Delhi/NCR that is offering Sales Management in an innovative way. With studying covering all the aspects of Sales strategy & management & Industry experience on ‘Pitching a Product’, Maintaining an effective Communication Channel, Preserving a positive Customer Relationship and much more.

Sales is the only career that offers many incentives apart from Salary. Even if you are not Sales Expert, you get incentives in form of Cash, Promotions, Valuable or Consumer Items, Trips abroad and so on.

Get your MBA in Sales from IIEM, a leading Institute in Delhi/NCR and take your career to new heights every day.

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