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PG Diploma from IIEM, one of the most reputed institute of Delhi/NCR is for students who want to hone their career in lesser time & gain entry into big corporate through gaining industry par knowledge.

Post Graduate Diploma in General studies help students gain a perspective of the working environment, culture, ins & outs of the corporate, management knowledge, accounts knowledge and so on. These all help our students gain direct entry into the competitive world and set you up to meet the challenges of senior management.

Teaching Methodology

With years of experience in teaching event management as well as executing successful worldwide events, IIEM has designed innovative curriculum to offer a new approach to teaching where industry standards are exceeded and students are taught to handle various scenarios through live trainings. Here you get the opportunity to make new connections, build-up a network of vast professionals from different cultures, industries & backgrounds, interactions with various industry leaders & experts, all that results in your professional acceleration.

Management is still a hot career path to follow, offering job opportunities across industries and so on. If you are still thinking to follow this path, then Post Graduate Diploma from IIEM is the right choice. With one year duration, this course gives you all you need to pursue you career diligently.

Getting a degree is easy nowadays but getting a degree from a reputed college of Delhi/NCR who provides all the industry experience, best education as well as host of networking opportunities while studying, gives you the necessary edge over your friends. As soon as you complete PG Diploma, opportunities come knocking at your door.

The ultimate goal of studying is to find a good job and with IIEM, the leading institute in Delhi/NCR you would find a job before the completion of the studies. The full time PG Diploma Program is awarded by Singhania University having accreditation from the university recognized courses, which accredits MBA programs across India . PGDEM programs are developed to meet the educational needs of managers and executives, allowing students to earn a PGDEM Diploma in one year.

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