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Human Resource Management is a broad function, which involves hiring employees, training & developing them in accordance with Company’s goals, assessing the performance, managing payroll, compensation, & benefits, adhering to the labor laws as well as maintaining rules & regulations in the Company.

Every Company depends on the best Human Resource Management irrespective of the size of the company. Even in small company’s without the HR, functions such as Salary Calculation, Payment, Attendance Record, TDS etc would become difficult to manage, let alone big companies where they have their whole HR Managers & staff.

IIEM is offering you the unique opportunity to become an HR executive and working in this manpower focused challenging job right from the start with PG Diploma in HR so that you can learn & become expert in HR Management and your career would grow leaps & bounds. IIEM is a leading institute of Delhi/NCR, which has already gained a high reputation with courses such as Event Management, MBA etc.

With the years of experience in teaching & having the strategic environment of Delhi to help you learn more with industrial interactions, IIEM has become one of the leading Institute of Delhi/NCR with its range of academic courses & innovative study tools. IIEM faculty does not rely on classroom teaching solely. Guest Lectures, Seminars, Debates, Open Houses, Inter-college Meets, as well as Events are some of the live teaching examples.

Learning which comes after live interactions with industry experts, leaders or managing event of their own makes a whole lot of improvement in our students, which is not possible only with classroom learning. IIEM gives you the unique opportunity to learn as well as gain experience while studying. The latest going-ons in the industry helps our student’s bag the best placement offers year by year.

Get your PG Diploma in HR from IIEM, a leading Institute in Delhi/NCR and plan compensation or benefits or manage manpower at any of the MNC’s located in India.

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