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Sales is the largest employment sector in India where there are opportunities for any person to gain entrance and make it big in the world. If you have skills and have natural born talent of convincing people, mesmerizing them with your sales pitch then excelling in a sales job is very easy for you.

However if you don’t have all that, then PG Diploma in Sales is the right choice for you. IIEM offers one year PG Diploma in Sales where you get the nuances of sales, build up communication skills, develop your personality, learn about sales management and so on.

With the successful completion of PG Diploma in Sales from IIEM, Delhi NCR, you can gain job in any industry of your choice. Every service & manufacturing industry hires fresh graduates to sales positions such as Sales Executive or Business Development Executive. Being a sales executive would be the first step towards the corporate ladder. The sales job comes with challenges but it has many perks too. Generally sales jobs offer above average salaries, incentives, bonus, rewards, trips, etc.

With IIEM, a leading institute in Delhi NCR, you can overcome those challenges easily and with the skills gain you can be most proficient at your job thus earning more than your fellow colleagues.

The course methodology focuses on Classroom teaching, Interactive sessions, Group Discussions, Workshops, Live Sessions by Industry Experts and so on. With studying covering all the aspects of Sales strategy & management & Industry experience on ‘Pitching a Product’, Maintaining an effective Communication Channel, Preserving a positive Customer Relationship and much more.

Get your PG Diploma in Sales from IIEM, a leading Institute in Delhi/NCR and take your career to new heights every day.

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