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IIEM offers Certificate Course in Celebrity Management for the student those are good at languages, likes traveling, have pleasant personality and nature and if student has a good portion of patience in his nature he can best fit in the Industry. Celebrity managers are required to fill the demands of the celebrity in building their brand or image or even change them as the situation demands. Celebrity Managers are required to create built & retain a brand. During celebrity management course, our faculties will guide the students to learn how can take care of celebrities lives, dress code, behavioral projections, statement in the Market/Press, public appearances, handle mood swings etc.

These courses will guide the students to manage the professional lives of their Bollywood stars. They manage for their taste, their choice and their profession and for that they get paid. The job usually here is, to manage the professional lives of the star and build their Brand Image into the market. The return for the work is high and no doubt offers an array of employment opportunities to young aspirants, young comers.


The growth of the industry and the employment opportunity provided by the Industry has raised question as what could be the guiding factor to have with for an ideal candidate while entering into the market. The answer has given as that if a student is a good manager, advisor and trustworthy at the time of difficulty and if they have the ability to switch over with the requirement can fit in this Industry. The normal succession path is to start with as a trainee and slowly to grow to up. It is well said in this Industry too and that is if the newcomer has the patience and is proactive in nature, confident enough to cope up with wrong situation required to have pick one area, master it and champion it, if all the qualities are there in the incumbent there is no boundary or the limitation for him.


  • Duration: 6 Months..
  • Eligibility: (10+2) or Equivalent
  • Classes: 5 days a week.

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