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Finance is mandatory for each business irrespective of the nature of business therefore it is highly sought after specialization and also offers lot of job opportunities.

With PG Diploma in Finance from IIEM, you can gain entrance into this world easily. The full time PG Diploma in Finance is awarded by Singhania University having accreditation from the university recognized courses, which accredits MBA programs across India. PGDEM programs are developed to meet the educational needs of managers and executives, allowing students to earn a PG Diploma in one year.

In this era of Globalization & multi-national Companies, Financial management is of utmost importance. Safeguarding the business from over expenditure, cash leaks, mismanagement of assets etc all comes under the purview of a Financial Management Graduate. Every business requires Financial Management to survive the competitive business scenario therefore Finance Jobs are available in every industry and if you have good knowledge of Financial Management, Accounts & Trade etc, you can definitely grab a good job as soon as you finished your PG Diploma in Finance.

IIEM is one of the most sought after Institute in Delhi/NCR for students to gain an interactive & advanced platform to launch their career. IIEM has an innovative way of teaching with Above-Industry Standards Curriculum designed to impart knowledge as well as experience. IIEM encourages its students to take part in as many activities as they can, because those activities gives working knowledge, experience to handle different scenarios, decision making & management as well.

Learning which comes after live interactions with industry experts, leaders or managing event of their own makes a whole lot of improvement in our students, which is not possible only with classroom learning. IIEM gives you the unique opportunity to learn as well as gain experience while studying. The latest going-ons in the industry helps our student’s bag the best placement offers year by year.

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